A great start to eating my way around Rangoon…

This post will be a photographic reportage in the main because I am too tired to write today, it’s late and pictures are good!

First meal of the trip was at Shan Yoe Yar restaurant. Amazing Shan food. Shan is a region of Burma and there are several Shan restaurants around Rangoon but this one I’m told is one of the best. It is set in an old traditional wooden house.

yoeyar external.jpg
Outside Shan Yoe Yar
The menu at Shan Yoe Yar


Shan Tofu with tamarind dip

These are very popular street-food snacks and can also be found at restaurants served up as appetisers. They are made of chickpea flour and are of no resemblance to the ones made of soy bean (they are the same only in name). Crunchy outside and light and super soft on the inside. The tamarind dip is sweet, a little spicy and very garlicky. You cannot stop munching on them.

Steamed pork belly

This was outstanding. The softest creamiest steamed pork belly slices. Underneath a densely packed mound of the most delectable tasting melange of finely chopped pork, mustard greens, chillies, tamarind. Spooned  generously over the top is a sweet sauce giving the whole dish a lovely sheen. (I couldn’t figure out what was in it but will ask when I return to film on Thursday). Very, very rich but very, very satisfying and moreish.

‘Countryside’ style chicken and potato curry

This one is a simple homestyle dish of potatoes and chicken in a light broth.

Pounded potato

This dish was basically potatoes pounded with chopped garlic and a herb I didn’t recognise. Its made in a traditional Shan method of pounding the boiled potatoes with the other ingredients. Just what it says on the tin! (Very delicious even though the photo did not make it look great!)

A very full and happy start….

4 thoughts on “A great start to eating my way around Rangoon…

    1. Hi! when i went back to the restaurant to film, sadly they wouldn’t tell me any of the ingredients. It’s all top secret! but i think it may have been garlic chives are something like that. a mild oiniony/garlicky flavour…

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