Hello and welcome to my new blog…

I’m starting a food and travelogue adventure in Burma soon. It’s going to be about my culinary  adventures there! Exploring the best places to eat in Rangoon and all over Burma. Tracking down beloved favorite dishes, finding regional dishes, exploring its origins and history and showing you how to recreate them at home.


Burmese cuisine is one of the last undiscovered foods of the world. It’s based on  uncomplicated ingredients as well as unusual hard to find ones, such as the banana stem in mohinga, considered by many as the nation’s favourite dish or the sour roselle leaf used to make a delicious sour soup called chin hin or a stir-fry dish where bamboo shoots and dried shrimps are added.

Chin Baung Kyaw (Roselle leaf & bamboo shoot stir fry)

Essentially though, it’s the cooking method in a specific (but simple) way called ‘seepyan’ where the base ingredients, usually a combination of onions, garlic and ginger cooked slowly until the oil separates, which achieves the best out of the ingredients and will transform the simple ingredients into a stunning dish of complex flavours. For this reason it is a cuisine that can be re-created easily at home and it will introduce you to unique flavours you will not have discovered before…..

In many ways Burmese cuisine is alchemy. Simple ingredients and spicing married together and cooked with care and attention turns the dishes into unique flavours and tastes.



5 thoughts on “Hello and welcome to my new blog…

  1. Looking forward to reading the blog Nila. I know I love the food already – your cafe is our favourite lunch stop.


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